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Kent Roofing: Article About Advantages and Disadvantages Of White Roofs

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Traditionally, black roofs have been the most popular choice among homeowners, but white roofs have become more popular among building owners due to their many advantages. However, like any other roofing material, white roofs also have disadvantages. Homeowners who are considering installing a white roof should contact their trusted Kent roofing contractor to learn more.

One of the biggest advantages to having a white roof is the energy savings. While black roofs absorb heat during the summer, which causes the home to heat up, white roofs reflect sunlight. While there is some dispute about whether the heating costs during the winter outweigh the cooling cost savings during the summer, there are studies that indicate that any heat gain in the winter is minimal, especially in areas that receive a large amount of snow.

In addition to energy savings, there may be other benefits. It has been suggested that roofs that do not soak up as much sunlight are more likely to last longer due to reduced damage. Additionally, areas that have more white roofs than dark roofs often have lower local air temperatures because white roofs reduce the urban heat island effect.

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Another benefit is that many existing roofs can be turned into cool roofs. Special coatings, which are often made from thick pigments that reflect sunlight, can be applied to existing roof shingles. Spray polyurethane foam, which adheres to roofs, can also be added to existing roof materials to reduce the amount of UV light absorption.

While the advantages appear to be numerous, several studies indicate that white roofs may actually be bad for the environment. When the sunlight bounces off the white roof, it goes back into the atmosphere where it is soaked up by dark particles and air pollution. While reflecting the sunlight does keep the home cooler, the particles heat up and, arguably, contribute to global warming.

There are certain factors that homeowners should consider if they are interested in installing a white roof. For example, white roofs and other cool roofs can cost as much as, if not more than, traditional asphalt roofs. If homeowners are expecting huge energy savings, they may wish to investigate what the actual savings may be before making the investment. Consulting an expert roofing contractor prior to making a decision may be beneficial as they might be able to suggest appropriate roofing materials that will provide the homeowner with the results they want.

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