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The roof is the crowning feature on any home. It is also the main defense against the elements. When building a new home or looking to repair one, many homeowners are at a loss for the proper terminology to describe what they are trying to accomplish. Most Kent roofing contractors do a good job of deciding what needs to be done. Still, it is helpful for both parties when the client knows the basics.

The basic parts of a roof are easy to remember. The trusses comprise the frame that gives the room its shape. They are usually visible from inside the attic. Over them lies the decking. This is usually made of large sheets of plywood. Onto the decking, the shingles or other roofing materials are applied. Along the bottom edge, fascia boards cover the bottom ends of the rafters. This is where gutter systems are generally attached.

Those are the pieces that make up most residential roofs. As for the shape, there are many different types found in the world. The ones commonly found on homes in the United States fall into one of three categories.

First, there is the gabled roof. This is the typical inverted V-shaped roof. It gets its name from the A-shaped section of wall at each end.

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It has two even slopes and typically some room for eaves left at the bottom. It is sometimes used in a cross design where two gabled roofs meet at a 90-degree angle, forming a valley on either side and a third gable on the end of the intersecting area.

The second common roof design is the hipped roof. This roof has four or more slopes and slants down to meet the vertical walls squarely. These can also come in a cross design similar to the previous style. Many homes combine these two types of roofs in varying degrees to get half-hipped or quarter-hipped roofs.

Lastly, there is the shed roof. It has also been called a lean-to roof. This type of roof is a single slope with no peak. It can be at any angle from near 45 degrees to almost flat. It takes its name from the simple design used for sheds and lean-to's. They can have eves or end with the wall.

When preparing to contact a contractor about building or repairing a roof, these terms will hopefully come in handy. It always helps make things go more smoothly when both parties understand each other completely.

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