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When homeowners have a roof that's older than 20 or 30 years, it's usually time to replace it entirely. Each home has a different roof square footage, but any removal and installation project will cost considerable money. Federal Way roofing professionals understand that most homeowners will only replace their roof once in a lifetime, so contractors try to make the financing or payment process as simple as possible. It's important to know normal payment options in the roofing industry, so homeowners can know when they're been treated fairly or not.

Contractors will normally ask for a deposit upfront. The deposit is more of a promise payment between two parties. The homeowner shows they're serious about hiring a company while the contractor accepts the job with commitment to project completion. However, be cautious with contractors asking for more than a third of the entire project's cost. A deposit that large isn't necessary for reputable companies and remains questionable in any marketplace.

Ask professionals about their financing options. Many contractors work exclusively with a particular lender. These financing entities specialize in roofing loans. They can offer different payment periods, such as 6-, 9- or 12-month loans. The contractor has a guaranteed way of being properly paid while homeowners spread out the cost so it isn't difficult to afford.

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Other payment options exist that don't necessarily require a lender. Contractors may negotiate with homeowners, agreeing to payments at the beginning, middle and end of a project. These payment plans are common, so homeowners shouldn't be alarmed by verbal financing agreements.

Although gentleman's agreements are part of some roofing payment plans, any promised monetary exchanges should be listed in the roofing contract. Contractors lay out their responsibilities to the homeowner and property in the contract while payment options are clearly stated, too. This contract is a legal document, however. If any party deviates from their negotiated position, there could be legal ramifications. The contract is used to protect all parties and streamline the roofing project's timeline. When payments are written out, there are no questions about due dates and amounts.

Contractors want to make the roofing process less stressful for homeowners, so look for professionals who have several payment options. Compare financial situations to the payment types to find a comfortable way to pay off the roof. Homeowners want to protect their property investment, and installing new roofing is a surefire way to secure the home's structural integrity for many years.

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