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Federal Way Roofing: Article About Understanding Roofer Insurance and Bonding

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When homeowners look for a reliable Federal Way roofing contractor, they're always advised to look for companies with insurance and bonding. Residents may have seen license numbers advertised on contractor vehicles moving through a neighborhood, for example. These numbers indicate that proper policies are in place to protect both the contractor and customer from any major monetary issues if a project doesn't work out as planned.

Contractor liability insurance is the main policy homeowners should look. This coverage is mainly for the homeowner or contracting customer. If a family member is hurt during the project, medical costs are covered by this insurance. Even property damage is included such as an accidentally cracked concrete walkway. Reputable contractors can have accidents that slightly damage the home, so liability insurance is key to streamlined projects.

If a contractor employee is hurt on a property, homeowners want the company to have workers' compensation. This statewide insurance policy pays for medical and incidental costs incurred when a worker cannot perform their duties temporarily. If roofers hurt themselves, but no workers' compensation is available, they could possibly place a lawsuit against the homeowners.

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Workers' compensation reduces the possibility of any legal ramifications, helps the worker recover and maintains the project's timeline with other roofers filling in.

Homeowners may have heard about bonding when discussing contracting companies. A roofer is bonded when they work with a bond issuing agency. If there is any questionable work completed on a job site, a bond can pay out to the homeowner to have the project altered as necessary. Most bonds cover improper contracting installations that go against local regulations. Bonds maintain strong work in an area for overall safety if a contractor fails to follow rules.

Homeowners must also be active with their job site responsibilities. They must keep everyone away from working areas and even remove obstacles before workers start their day. Making the job site as safe as possible for contractors reduces the possibility of mistakes or injury. Communicate daily with the on-site supervisor to understand project timelines. When homeowners understand the day's goals, they can remain out of way of the workers to ease project challenges.

Homeowners should ask for all insurance policies in writing. Contractors must have policies on hand at all times, so making a quick photocopy isn't a problem for reputable companies. It's possible to call the insurance to verify coverage and any past problems, too. Maintaining a business relationship with an experienced and well-insured company is a smart choice by any homeowner.

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