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Federal Way Roofing: Article About Torchdown Roofing Advantages and Disadvantages

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When a Federal Way roofing professional visits a home, they can give a quote on several roof materials. Although tiles, shingles and metal are all viable options for most homes, torchdown installations are common for low-slope or flat roofs. Generally, torchdown installations involve the heating of two or three roofing layers to adhere permanently to the rooftop below. With a smooth membrane and granular top layer in many cases, the roof has a strong barrier against rain. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to this unique roofing option.

The main advantage to torchdown roofing is leak protection. All roofs must create a barrier to rain and snow, but torchdown tends to have a more continuous surface to avoid any leakage. There are no shingled crevices where water can seep into the home, for example. These torchdown roofs usually last between 15 and 20 years, maintaining a dry interior for structural integrity. Leaks only normally occur if an installation isn't set correctly.

Although most people won't find themselves walking across the roof, torchdown installations aren't meant to be stepped on. The surface will end up being damaged if even a few steps are taken across it. After a professional installation, the torchdown roof shouldn't be walked on unless it's absolutely necessary.

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Although these roofs should have yearly preventive maintenance, roofers can inspect the surface without damaging it. Homeowners must stay off the surface to maintain its integrity.

The sun is relentless against any rooftop, but torchdown installations reduce some heat from entering the home below. This material does reflect harmful ultraviolet rays, allowing the home to remain cooler during hot summer days. With a cooler interior, the cooling system doesn't have to work as hard, providing the home with lower costs throughout the roof's lifespan.

Homeowners must be aware of installation dangers. As a main disadvantage, torchdown roofs must be installed with a blowtorch. With all the layers in place, contractors use a blowtorch to heat and melt the layers into the rooftop. Any heating accidents can quickly turn into major damage such as scorching the attic. Homeowners must work with talented contractors to ensure a safe installation.

Speak to several contractors about their use of torchdown in their daily installations. Not all professionals are well-versed in this specialized roofing application. Even ask to see photos or visit a previous customer. A professional installation should appear smooth with no anomalies across the entire surface.

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