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When purchasing a home that is just being built, the home buyer has confidence that the new roof will pass local housing codes as verified by a county inspector or similar authority. When purchasing a preexisting home, the buyer only knows that the home met code the year that it was built; there is no assurance that the home meets current code or that it even continues to meet the original code.

This is the reason mortgage and insurance companies require home inspections, but what many potential home buyers do not realize is that not all home inspectors are roofing experts. In many areas, certification and licensing simply require the inspector to pass a general aptitude test. This has some potential ramifications when one considers just how important a roof is to a home. A faulty roof can turn an otherwise sound real estate investment sour.

Therefore, buyers should consider contacting Federal Way roofing companies for inspections. The top companies often have a professional inspector who specializes in roofs on staff or can recommend such a person.

The roofing experts at Chase NW of Federal Way WA can assist you with any questions regarding commercial roofing or roof inspection.

The home buyer will likely have to hire this inspector in addition to the general inspector, and it may be necessary to pay for this expense out of pocket. Nevertheless, this expense is relatively insignificant in the context of what a bad roof can cost over the long term.

It is also a good idea for the home buyer to perform his or her own inspection of the roof. One does not need to be a roofing expert to identify many of the issues and warning signs that are common to roofs. Even if the home buyer does not spot damage or potential issues, he or she will most certainly discover questions that can then be posed to the professional who inspects the roof. Good questions to ask include maintenance likely to be required in the short term and whether the roof structure can support upgrades, such as slate tiles, wood shingles, skylights and so forth.

When performing a visual inspection, home buyers should pay particular attention to the shingle pattern. With some exceptions, such as graduated slate roofs, the pattern should be uniform. Verifying that uniformity also provides a process by which one can look for damaged and missing shingles. Home buyers should be certain to inspect all joints and seams and make sure that flashing is intact and not rusted. Boots and sealants should not be experiencing dry rot or other issues.

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