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Federal Way Roofing: Article About The Dangers Of Moss Growth

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Homeowners are often unaware of the potential damage moss can cause to their roof. However, moss can have a devastating effect on roof shingles and even other areas in the home over time. Therefore, discouraging moss growth on the roof can ultimately prevent the need to invest time and money in expensive repairs. Federal Way roofing technicians have the knowledge and experience to help homeowners maintain the integrity of their home's roof.

A plant that grows in dark, damp conditions, moss attracts and retains moisture on the roof's surface. In cold climates, the water that is absorbed by the moss may expand in freezing temperatures. The repeated cycle of the water freezing and melting can eventually cause cracking and fracturing of the shingles. Over time, this cycle may shorten the lifespan of the roof and create a need for earlier replacement.

The moisture retention qualities of moss can also make the roof more susceptible to mold and mildew growth. When mold and mildew develop underneath a roof's shingles, the damage may extend inward and eventually cause a musty odor to develop in the home's interior.

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If the moss continues to grow underneath, the shingles may become dislodged, thereby making the roof more susceptible to damage in the event of strong winds and severe storms. Furthermore, if the roof is consistently wet and is unable to fully dry due to moss coverage, the roof may even begin to rot.

Roofs that have substantial moss growth are also more prone to developing leaks. Moss may serve as an obstruction and can prevent water from flowing downward on the roof's surface. As a result, the water may flow sideways instead. If the moss growth has extended deep into the shingles, the water may seep into the displaced areas and eventually cause damage in areas beyond the roof.

Because the moss poses a significant risk to the safety and structure of a home's roof, the best way to address and preempt moss-related destruction is to schedule regular roof inspections and to consult a knowledgeable roofer about cleaning and preventing moss growth. In addition to checking for potential problems with the roof, a roofing technician may also recommend and perform other maintenance services and repair emerging issues before they lead to more costly concerns. Therefore, having access to a professional roof maintenance and repair company is to every homeowner's advantage. After all, a roofing technician is an ally in protecting one of the most critical components of the homeowner's investment.

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