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There is considerable science and math that goes into a basic roof installation and maintenance schedule. From calculating ridge angles to shingle quantities, a Federal Way roofing professional must have an in-depth understanding of all structural elements. Although most professionals can quote and install a roof successfully, working with contractors who possess enhanced knowledge and skill sets helps the homeowner to better maintain their roof.

Homeowners with a south-facing property may appreciate the ample sunlight, but the constant ultraviolet radiation takes its toll on the roof. Residents will notice the side of the roof that gets more sun is deteriorating more quickly than the other sides, for example. To combat this natural breakdown process, roofers may suggest a natural shading mechanism such as planting trees nearby. They can shade the roof from excessive wear through the years. However, the homeowner should maintain the trees with frequent pruning to keep debris off the roof.

A contrasting issue occurs on the north-facing side of the roof. Because sunlight barely strikes these areas, moisture may remain for longer periods on the shingles. Excessive dew or persistent rain leads to moss and algae growth on roofing materials.

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Contractors who visit a property frequently can remove these growths with specialized treatments. If the fungal growth persists, those affected shingles may require replacement.

Homeowners who want a roof that lasts as long as 50 years could turn to metal materials. However, metal installations often bring up concerns about loud noises during rain or hailstorms. Clever contractors actually use another layer under the metal sections during installation. Along with traditional underlayment, roofs receive foam inserts between the deck and metal sections. When any impacts strike the roof, the foam and underlayment deaden the noise.

The key to a long-lasting roof isn't just yearly inspections, but also proper ventilation. Roofs go through extreme heat and cold, making them vulnerable to expansion and contraction. Ventilation at the eaves and ridges allows air to flow past the materials, creating a relatively steady temperature year-round. This consistent temperature reduces material warping and contributes to a long roof lifespan.

When a contractor goes beyond a homeowner's expectations, the homeowners can share the knowledge with others in the neighborhood. They can spread the good word through online and word-of-mouth reviews among friends and family. Contractors who have a steady customer base can continue their quality work for happy homeowners. Without references and a strong customer base, contractors may not be able to grow their business.

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