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When having a roof installed on a structure, it is very important to pick the right kind of insulation for the roof. The right kind of roof insulation can extend the life of the roof. However, there are also several other things to be considered when choosing insulation for a roof. The heating needs of the building, the requirements of the insurance and energy code satisfaction are all considerations. A Federal Way roofing contractor will be able to help owners decide on the best insulation to use in a particular home or building.

Another thing to consider when choosing insulation is the R-rating. The higher the R-rating number, the more insulating effectiveness the material has. Always be sure that the package label indicates the R-rating and any information about safety, health or fire hazards. There are different types of insulation used throughout a building including blankets that come in rolls, blown in loose-fill and foam insulation. Although these types may be sufficient, the best kind for a roof is rigid insulation.

Rigid insulation comes in a board-like form or a pipe-shaped mold. They give full coverage and generally offer a higher R-rating to keep energy or heat from escaping. There are several types of different rigid roof insulation that includes wood fiber, expanded and extruded polystyrene, and polyisocyanurate.

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With the highest R-rating, expanded polystyrene is the most versatile of them all. It can be used in many different areas of a building, especially a roof. It is also the least expensive yet most effective at doing its job. Its R-value does not decrease over a period of time.

Extruded polystyrene is often blue, pink or green in color. It is mid-range in its cost and effectiveness. It's available in flat or tapered boards, and it absorbs more moisture than other types. Therefore, the R-rating is not guaranteed to stay strong.

Wood fiber is an organic board made of wood, vegetable or cane fibers with fillers and binders that make it stick together and have thickness. This is good for when the roof covering is not compatible with asphalt-based coatings.

Polyisocyanurate is the most used insulation for roofing applications. It is the most expensive kind also has the highest R-rating. It is not manufactured in a way that is environmentally friendly, nor can they be recycled. All panels are faced with vapor-retardant materials since they are made using liquid foam in order to form a rigid panel.

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