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Roof underlayment, which is sometimes also referred to as roofing felt, is an important part of many roofing installations. While some homeowners may believe that this extra expense is not necessary, reputable Federal Way roofing professionals focus on providing clients with the most valuable results for the future. The fact is that underlayment can provide the roof with a variety of advantages. Before the underlayment can be installed, however, it is important for the roof deck to be correctly treated and prepared. It should be level and solid before the felting is laid out. When the deck is ready, the underlayment can be an effective and cheap method of protecting the roof against a variety of problems. For homeowners who are not sure whether they should install this layer, it is important to keep a few of its advantages in mind.

One of the most immediately noticeable advantages is the fact that it can help protect the roof deck from rain and snow before the rest of the roofing has been installed. It can also be another weather barrier to protect the roof from water penetration after the installation is complete.

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While the flashing materials are designed to keep the roof's surface as waterproof as possible, this additional layer can help protect the roof deck should water somehow manage to penetrate the sectioning.

This additional layer can be a good way to protect the roofing from resins that might bleed out of their sheathing. This prevents long term damage and rot from taking its toll on the roof. It can also help prevent uneven sections in the roof's sheathing from being obviously visible in the shingles. It provides enough of an even surface to help smooth out such imperfections. Additionally, this layer can also help improve air flow resistance, which results in fewer insulation problems and additional protection from windblown sources of water, a vital consideration during stormier seasons.

In some situations, underlayment may actually be required with the installation. It is a necessary part of a UL fire rating because most shingles are fire tested with an accompanying underlayment. Whenever a new roofing system is installed, most professionals will recommend installing this additional layer simply as a method of insurance. It is cheap, easy to set and provides all of the aforementioned benefits in addition to what should be expected from a standard roofing project. It is strongly recommended for interested customers to ask about such felt options in order to see how their home can be made more secure.

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