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There are a lot of problems homeowners need to be aware of when it comes to keeping up with their roofs. One concern for people who live in humid areas is algae. While it's still possible for any home to become a victim of algae, it tends to affect areas of high humidity more often. Algae usually get onto homeowners' roofs thanks to animals, such as birds and squirrels, or wind. With advancements in roofing material technology, homeowners can now have Federal Way roofing experts install algae-resistant shingles to combat this problem.

Nearly all roofing materials can become a victim of algae growth. However, there is one that has always denied algae growth: copper roofing. Unfortunately, not all homeowners can afford to have their entire roofs covered in copper because it's an expensive metal. Residents can, however, buy roof shingles that have been embedded with copper and zinc. The copper fibers are woven directly into the colored granules of the roofing material.

The copper and zinc in roofing shingles aren't visible to the eye. Despite this, they help create an environment that makes it difficult for algae to grow and survive when it comes into contact with the roof. Without these metals being worked into the shingles, the roof creates the perfect environment for algae to grow because of how much sun exposure roofs get.

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While these types of shingles cost more than traditional asphalt shingles, they are a lot cheaper than buying a copper roof. It's also cheaper than having to hire someone to clean an algae-covered roof every year.

The main reason why algae-resistant shingles are so effective at preventing algae growth is because the zinc and copper are activated by rain. Moisture usually encourages algae growth, but in the case of these special shingles, it helps distribute the algae-preventive components found in copper and zinc across the surface of the roof.

Like with any roofing material, homeowners will want to hire professionals to install algae-resistant shingles. Hiring a roofing expert is generally a good idea because some contractors can get discounts on their roofing materials, and they have the ability to pass these savings along to the consumer. Many professionals also offer warranties and guarantees that homeowners don't get if they do the work themselves. Hiring a team of experts to install the roofing material ensures that it's done quickly and correctly. Any mistake made when installing a roof can lead to leaks and rotting.

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