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Although the roof is one of the most valuable parts of a home, many homeowners are unaware of signs that may indicate roof damage. Some signs are more obvious and may seem more urgent than others. Nevertheless, a call to a Federal Way roofing professional is likely necessary if a homeowner discovers any of the following clues.

Missing shingles may signify the end of a roof's life cycle. Shingles may become and loose and dislodged as a result of a worn out tar strip, granule loss or breakdown caused by UV exposure. While the shingles can be replaced, repairing the roof may only temporarily delay the need for replacement. Shingle loss often begins with the homeowner finding one or two shingles in the yard. The problem quickly progresses after a severe storm. If shingles are missing from the roof during the next storm, the roof may begin to allow water to leak into the house and cause water damage.

Shingles that remain intact, but are curled or cracked have also reached the end of their life cycle. After years of sun exposure, the asphalt layer is broken down and allows the shingle to shrink and curl up.

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If left in this state, the shingles are more susceptible to blowing off or allowing rainwater to leak into the house.

Damp or dark spots in the attic may also suggest it is time to replace a home's roof. When a roof's structure is compromised, wind may blow rain into the attic. Underlayments that were improperly installed or have deteriorated over time may also allow water to enter the attic. A deteriorated flashing may also be the culprit. While ice buildup at the eaves of the roof may produce similar symptoms, this problem can be solved by purchasing a high-quality ice shield along with proper ventilation.

Dark spots on the exterior of the roof may also indicate a need for replacement. Roof shingles lose granules over time, which leaves the asphalt exposed to the elements. Once a shingle has begun to lose granules, it is usually also brittle and susceptible to breaking or blowing off altogether. The roof should be replaced immediately to prevent water leakage.

In addition to remaining attentive to their roof's overall conditions, homeowners should also schedule regular roof inspections. Furthermore, they should contact a roofing specialist if they observe signs of a roof leak or any other potential issues that may leave the roof vulnerable to weather damage. A qualified roofing specialist will be able to monitor the roof over time and provide the necessary intervention to avoid the need for more costly repairs.

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