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Moss can be a major problem for homeowners who live in damp environments, such as the Pacific Northwest region. If moss, mold or mildew develops on top of a roof, it can compromise parts, or all, of it and leave the home vulnerable to additional problems. Moss requires consistent amounts of water in order for it to grow and reproduce. For this reason, dryer climates do not tend to experience moss growth on roofs.

Homeowners may not understand whether moss poses a threat to the longevity of their roof or how to properly treat potential problem areas. A Federal Way Roofing expert deals with moss related issues on a regular basis and should have several methods available to protect the lifetime of the roof and treat it, if necessary.

Moss growth on the roof may not always indicated a major problem, depending on the design of the roof and what types of roofing material have been used. However, areas of the roof that are the most prone to developing moss should be protected. For example, slopes that face north or that are under trees may be more inclined to develop a problem with moss growth. In most cases, the areas of the roof that are exposed to direct sun do not tend to experience as many problems.

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Zinc strips can be installed on new or existing shingles to combat moss growth. A professional typically installs them just underneath the peak towards the top of the roof, and the strips are approximately three inches wide. They only release small amounts of zinc and are long lasting.

Moss growth on the roof can be prevented by removing any overhanging branches because moss tends to grow in shady areas. Cleaning the roof of debris such as leaves, pine needles and twigs can also help because it allows the roof to dry faster and prevents existing moss from being able to spread as easily. Home improvement stores may carry products that specifically address moss buildup. However, many of these cleaners contain ingredients that are toxic to inhale and can cause serious health problems, as well as harm wildlife. It may kill moss but it will most likely not remove the existing plants from the roof, which means cleaning the roof will still be necessary. It is recommended that homeowners contact a roofing professional because they have specific equipment that can effectively clean the roof without causing damage to the shingles or to the environment.

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