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A roof collapse can be devastating, not only to the interior of the home but to the homeowner's budget. It is possible for the roof to collapse in any season, but the wintertime often creates the greatest potential of a collapse due to heavy amounts of snowfall and ice buildup. If snow or ice has become packed on top of the roof and it begins to rain, the probability of a roof collapse can be even greater. A cubic foot of dry snow can weigh as much as six to eight pounds, so imagine how much packed frozen snow or ice could weigh.

The lower the slope of the roof, the greater risk there will be for a collapse to occur. Flat roofs such as Modified Bitumen and Built-Up Roofs are even more prone to a collapse because rainwater and snow has more room to accumulate, whereas a roof with a higher slope detracts water and snow away from the surface. Homeowners should regularly inspect and maintain their roof in order to identify existing damage and prevent a roof collapse.

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A Federal Way Roofing expert can identify specific areas of vulnerability on a roof in order to protect it from a collapse and find solutions for keeping harmful elements away from the surface.

There are specific signs that might indicate that the roof is prone to a collapse. Identifying and repairing these issues before a winter storm hits could prevent major damage from occurring. If the ceiling or shingles on the roof appear to be sagging in areas, or if the roof has been prone to repeated leaks in the past, it is probable that there is a vulnerable area of the roof that needs attention. Other indicators that a collapse is possible are if cracks appear in masonry on the exterior of the home, if it becomes difficult to open doors or windows or if there is bowing in the roof's support structures.

It is possible to prevent major damage from happening to the roof with regular maintenance. Gutters and drains should always be clear of debris so they can drain properly, and debris on the surface of the roof should be cleared. Leaves and plant species such as mold can retain moisture, which adds weight to the roof and the potential for a leak to develop. The most important way to protect the roof from a collapse in the wintertime is to ensure that massive amounts of snow have not accumulated on the surface.

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