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Federal Way Roofing: Article About Preparing Roofs For Solar Panel Installation

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As more homeowners become aware of their carbon footprint, turning to solar energy has become a viable alternative to electricity from traditional sources. Residents usually want the solar panels on the roof to save space in the yard and gain as much access to sunlight as possible. Although only some contractors can install these panels, a Federal Way roofing professional should first be hired to survey the roof for stability and longevity.

Contractors first speak with homeowners about their potential solar panel installation. They'll ask many questions about the panels' weight and quantity. Professionals may even contact the panel company to verify the calculations. These panel weights must be matched to the roof's load capacity. A roof can only hold a certain weight amount before structural integrity is compromised. If the panels might be too heavy, professionals will suggest a reduced installation size in most cases.

Roofers will go up on the roof to inspect all materials. They'll examine shingles for any missing pieces or cracks, along with surveying flashing. These metal pieces should be flush against the roof for a leak-free surface. Any necessary repairs are quoted to the homeowner.

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Roof repairs should be completed as quoted before any solar installation begins to make the process as streamlined as possible.

With a whole roof evaluation completed, contractors may pinpoint and notate possible support areas for the panel installation. Because the contractor is extremely familiar with the roof configuration, they'll know exactly where proper support beams are located for strong panel attachment. Professionals' notes are often passed on to the solar installer to make the project easier for all parties.

Another area where roofers and solar installers must confer is electrical line locations. When panels are installed, they must have wires running from their electronics to the home's main electrical panel. Roofers could offer suggestions about line entry points into the home to avoid any damage to the shingles, underlayment or decking. These access points must be as subtle and concealed as possible so that water leaks don't become an issue.

From calculating a dead load on the home to verifying shingle quality, roofers have many checkpoints they must cover to allow a solar panel installation to proceed. It's preferable that the roof has a clean bill of health to avoid costly repairs after the solar panel installation. Extra labor is often necessary to access the roof under the panels if shingles or other areas need inspection.

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