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Natural disasters can occur at any time, from high winds breaking a tree limb onto a home to large hail pelting a rooftop. In these instances, Federal Way roofing professionals can come out under emergency conditions to protect a home from further damage. When homeowners encounter either small or large leaks, they must follow a few steps to secure a contractor in a timely manner.

The moment a roof leak emergency occurs, homeowners should try to stem the flow of water and place buckets under visible leaks if possible. Residents can cover a hole with a woven plastic tarp from the inside when water flow is relatively steady. Homeowners should not venture up to the rooftop themselves, however. The roof is a dangerous area when conditions are normal. Wet and broken rooftops are treacherous and should only be inspected by professionals.

Homeowners should call contractors on their designated emergency hotline. These numbers usually have call center personnel or an answering machine that's checked routinely. Most contractors can offer assistance within 24 hours or sooner. When they arrive, they might cover the area with a tarp until they can physically climb the structure.

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With many emergencies, poor weather and slippery conditions could prevent roofers from traversing the roof for a few days. The tarp stops further damage from occurring until professionals can really survey the site.

With better weather conditions, contractors use ladders to inspect the roof. They'll usually examine the interior attic to verify any damage into the home. All structural issues are detailed in a quote. Homeowners may want to walk around the home on the ground level to see all the damage the contractor points out as they explain the estimate. Major roof damage will be expensive if insurance doesn't cover the cost.

The home may have the tarp covering the damage for several days until the contractor schedules the official repair process. Contractors begin the project by cleaning out damaged materials and pinpointing all possible leak areas. They'll add in new materials as necessary, such as support beams, roof decking and shingles. All materials are carefully matched to the home's original colors to create a seamless appearance.

Depending on the repair type, certain disasters may be covered by insurance policies. Once the damage is under control, homeowners can go over insurance details with contractors. Professionals often call the insurance themselves to streamline the process for all parties and ensure that the roof is repaired as soon as possible after severe damage.

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