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A roof depends on strong fasteners to keep underlayment and shingles in place during high winds and other weather events. Nails are traditionally used to secure asphalt shingles to the roof deck. A reputable Federal Way roofing professional must install all shingles with precision. If any shingles aren't connected to the deck correctly, leakage issues could persist.

When roofers remove the old shingles, they should note if any nails remain in the roof deck. Some inexperienced contractors may have missed nailing shingles into the support beams below. The nails could be stuck in the roof deck at unusual angles. Contractors must remove these nails and notify the homeowner that the fasteners were an issue before continuing with the project. Those improperly positioned nails could have contributed to roof leaks in the past. The new installation should combat any future leaks as nails are properly positioned.

As contractors align shingles across the deck, the nails should be perpendicular to the surface. These fasteners must be flush against the shingles' surfaces to prevent any leaks into the home below. Improper nail installation often occurs when worker fatigue sets in. Verify that professionals offer frequent breaks for their workers to keep work at high-quality levels.

Nail guns must also be used and adjusted properly so fasteners don't drive too far into the roofing surface.

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When a nail presses into the shingle with too much force, it actually drives its way right through it. A large hole develops in the area, effectively voiding the shingle warranty. Any shingles with these overdriven nails must be removed and replaced with new materials immediately.

There are specific areas on the shingle where nails must be driven. Six nails should be centered on the shingle. However, adding nails too high on the shingle poses problems. High nail locations only secure one shingle when proper fastener placement actually holds two shingles at once. An entire rooftop could have an insufficient number of nails holding the shingles down when high installation locations are repeated across the installation. Roofers must inspect work each day to verify all workers are driving nails correctly.

Homeowners are welcome to watch the roofing project, but they should remain safely away from the installation to avoid any injuries. Watch roofers align and secure shingles into place with a nail gun, for instance. When residents know proper fastener installation strategies, they'll notice any issues immediately as they observe. Experienced roofers have strong work ethics to attach each shingle with precision and care.

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