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When it comes to residential roofing, asphalt shingles are one of the most commonly used. In fact, they have been used regularly for more than 100 years. Homeowners often choose this roofing material because it's durable, has a long lifespan and is very cost-effective. What many people don't know is that there are numerous types of asphalt shingles. It's important to know the benefits of each style of asphalt shingle before making a decision, but a Federal Way roofing expert can also help make the selection easier.

The most commonly used and least expensive type of asphalt shingle is the three-tab shingle, which is available in both composite and fiberglass varieties. Composite shingles are constructed with an asphalt base and a matting made from either paper fibers or wood. The fiberglass counterparts are a bit lighter and aren't entirely made out of fiberglass. Instead, they have an asphalt base that is strengthened with a fiberglass mat. Regardless of the type of three-tab shingle residents choose, they can expect the warranty to last around 30 years.

Laminated shingles, which are commonly referred to as architectural shingles, consist of two or more layers of asphalt. These layers make the shingles much heavier than three-tab shingles. The heavier weight allows them to be more wind resistant.

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They also tend to have a longer lifespan, lasting around 45 years. However, most homeowners don't choose this type of shingle because it lasts longer. They choose it because it mimics the look of wood shingles, which tend to be more expensive. In terms of price, this style of shingle is more expensive than the three-tab variety.

People who live in high-wind areas are better off choosing interlocking shingles, which are even more wind resistant than laminated shingles. This style of shingle is actually constructed much in the same way as the three-tab shingle, and it lasts around 30 years. The difference is the way these shingles fit together. Interlocking properties create a stronger bond, giving the roofing material a better chance of standing up to wind damage.

Large format asphalt shingles are made much in the same way as three-tab shingles, but they are much larger in size. They usually come in large rectangular shapes, but hexagonal, large format shingles are common, too. Although it takes a smaller amount of these shingles to cover a roof because of their large size, it costs about the same in materials to cover an average-size roof. This is because the large format shingles cost more per unit. Some roofing experts also charge more to install this style of shingle because it's larger and more difficult to work with.

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