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Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material used by Federal Way roofing companies. While there are many other options, no material on the market is able to achieve the balance between initial cost, long-term cost and style that asphalt shingles can.

When choosing shingles, the first consideration should be warranty. There are about eight major manufacturers of asphalt shingles in the U.S., and the warranties they offer vary based on the specific product, the region in which they are purchased and factors specific to the home on which they are installed. It is important to choose a warranty that meets expectations based on the total cost. Read the fine print, and pay particular attention to the terms of the extended warranty. Some extended warranties cover the shingles for as much as 40 years but usually have specifications that must be met during installation in order to take advantage of the extra coverage.

The second point of interest should be color. Understandably, many homeowners will want to choose the color based on the color of the siding of their home as well the color themes of neighboring houses.

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Although there is nothing wrong with this approach, it is worth keeping in mind that color can have a tangible effect. Although black is the most common color for asphalt shingles it may not be the ideal choice. Black shingles absorb more heat. Light-colored shingles, on the other hand, absorb less, and that helps to keep the attic cooler, which can reduce energy usage of the home.

Shingles are also available with various features that increase the overall cost but are appropriate to certain regions and climates. Algae-resistant shingles, for instance, are becoming increasingly popular in humid clients in order to avoid algae growth that leads to discoloration. Another example of a region-specific shingle feature is impact-resistance, which help shingles stand up to impact from hailstones without increasing the overall width of the shingle significantly.

Finally, homeowners should keep in mind that choosing asphalt shingles does not mean being limited to the standard asphalt shingle look. Asphalt shingles are also available as a premium product called architectural shingles or dimensional shingles. These shingles come with added thickness, more color variety, irregular shapes, more visual texture and so forth. Some roofing companies can use these architectural shingles to mimic the look of a different kind of roof, such as a cedar shingle roof, without the cost.

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