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Slate is one of the oldest roofing materials in existence. It used on rooftops to protect homes throughout the world, and it continues to be a popular choice among Federal Way roofing customers. Perhaps the biggest concern when it comes to slate roofing is the initial expense. The slate itself is expensive. Not all roofing companies install slate roofs, which can drive up the installation costs. Additionally, a professional inspection is often required to ensure that the current structure can support the added weight. If not, then there are additional costs associated with building the roof up to the necessary specification.

However, there are many advantages that slate roofs provide, and for many homeowners, these benefits offset the upfront costs. In terms of total cost of ownership, perhaps the greatest advantages are longevity and durability. A slate roof that is installed correctly will last no less than a century, and many slate roofs last 150 years or more. In addition, slate tiles are very durable. These tiles require very little maintenance, and a broken shingle due to hail or other weather is quite rare.

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In other words, a homeowner installs a slate roof with the confidence that this is likely their last roofing expense and that the roof is likely to outlast them.

Another great benefit of slate roofing is appearance. Whether a homeowner installs a standard, textural or graduated slate roof, the aesthetic achieved is marvelous and compatible will nearly any color scheme. It gives the home a classy look that differentiates it from every other home in the neighborhood, and it provides a home with amazing curbside appeal. In fact, many real estate agents recommend slate roofing to homeowners who plan to upgrade because they nearly always earn a return on that initial investment.

There are two other advantages worth noting for homeowners considering a slate roof. The first of those is fire resistance. Slate tiles are fireproof, which is a big advantage when it comes to preventing home fires that start due to an external source. For instance, wildfires often set homes on fire due to burning items that land on roofs, and residential fires generally travel to another home by way of the roof. The second point to consider is the green factor. Even with shingle recycling plants becoming more prevalent, asphalt shingles are very bad for the environment, which means that slate roofs have a significant positive effect.

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