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Having a metal roof installed is one of the best choices a homeowner can make. Metal roofs are long-lasting, stand up well to the environment and require very little maintenance. Unfortunately, metal roofs do have their downfalls with one of the biggest being that metal is a very poor thermal insulator. When it gets hot during summer or cold during winter, it passes those temperatures to the house. Thankfully, residents can do something about this by having metal roof insulation installed on their homes by Federal Way roofing experts.

Installing metal roof insulation is an effective way to provide a barrier between a home and its metal roof. This barrier protects the roof from not only changing temperatures outside but also moisture that builds up under it because of humidity. When choosing a type of metal roof insulation, there are numerous options, but spray foam tends to be the most popular. This insulation can easily form itself to the roof of the house and fill in cavities that other insulation is unable to fit. It also expands the life of the house by maintaining a consistent temperature and keeping moisture levels.

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Metal roofs already do a great job at reflecting the sun's rays during the summer to keep houses cool. Since metal heats up so quickly, however, it transfers a lot of heat into the house. Metal roof insulation acts as a heat barrier between the house and the roof. Since the metal roof is not able to transfer as much heat to the house, the homeowner can enjoy a drop in cooling costs. The same can be said during the winter since a metal roof usually transfers cold air directly into the house. Once again, this insulation will prevent the transfer of energy and keep heating costs down. Over the years, metal roof insulation can literally pay for itself.

Installing this type of insulation also increases the value of a home. Metal roofing is already a great way to add value to a home, but installing insulation underneath it increases the value further. It protects the home and lowers the home's rate of energy loss.

Metal roofs are also bad at blocking out sound, so metal roofing insulation reduces noise pollution as well. The insulation is able to absorb sound and keep it from entering the house. Along with noise generated by cars, people and animals, it blocks out the sound of rain hitting the metal roof.

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