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Just about every building has to have a roof. With that said, just about every roof will eventually need to be replaced. There is no letter in the mail that says that the time has come to replace the roof. Knowing the signs of a roof nearing the end of its life is important and can save substantial damage to the building.

The first indicator of needing a new roof is the age. Auburn roofing contractors and roofing professionals everywhere pretty much agree that a typical asphalt shingle roof will last between 20 and 30 years. Beginning to pay attention closely to the roof and other indicators at the 20 year mark is an important first step. It should also be determined if the existing roof was put on top of an older roof as this combined with age can dictate a strong need in new roofing.

One of the more simple ways to analyze a roof is simply looking for missing shingles. High wind and bad weather can loosen and remove individual asphalt shingles. These missing shingles should be easily visible. In addition, looking to see if shingles are curling or buckling is another indicator that the roof is in need of repair or replacement. These are a few indicators that are easy to spot.

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A few other ways to determine if repair or replacement of a roof is necessary is looking in the gutters for granules. As the roof ages, shingles will lose their granules and they will collect in the gutters. Loss of granules is difficult to spot, so inspecting the gutter is very important. It is these granules that provide weatherproofing and protection against the elements. Leaks can occur with significant granule loss.

Looking in the attic area for moist insulation is another key factor. This can create mold and mildew, which is unhealthy in and of itself, but it is also an indicator that the roof is in need of repair or replacement. One can also look for light coming through the boards of the roof. This shows a clear breach where moisture can and will enter the building.

If one of more of these indicators are present, contacting a roofing contractor immediately for a complete inspection is necessary. Making them aware of the problems and allowing a professional to give their expert opinion is not only advisable but the best way to protect the whole building from substantial damage due to moisture and other weather.

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