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Installing a new roof costs thousands of dollars, so homeowners expect some assurance that the material will protect the house for several decades. This assurance comes in the form of either limited or lifetime warranty policies. Both the contractor and material manufacturer offer some warranty coverage to ensure any defects or workmanship do not harm the home in any way. However, an Auburn roofing professional must explain and document any warranties for each client so everyone understands their rights.

The most basic coverage is referred to as a contractor's warranty. Professionals take considerable time and money to train on the newest roofing procedures and material installations. They want to stand behind their work, so a contractor's warranty covers both parts and labor for about two years. This time period may vary between professionals, however. Coverage may include broken or dislodged shingle replacement and any adjustments to fasteners.

If there is any extensive issue with the roofing material, the manufacturer's warranty often activates. When shingles start to wear down under normal conditions, there may be a defect in their physical layering. With the manufacturer's approval, contractors remove and replace the shingles without charging for parts.

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Be aware that labor may not be covered unless the defect is within the contractor's warranty period. For major defects, however, the contractor could work with the manufacturer to cover both parts and labor to help the homeowner with costs.

Manufacturer's warranties aren't automatic for a rooftop unless it's being routinely inspected and maintained. Because these warranties often last for 15 or 20 years, there could be too many claims with the manufacturer if the roof goes untouched for that period. These warranties usually include a preventive maintenance clause to ensure a professional visits the property at least once a year to verify all materials are installed and working properly.

Extended warranties are only offered by a few select contractors. After the 15- or 20-year manufacturer's warranty period, contractors visit the property and thoroughly inspect the roof. With a clean bill of health, contractors can extend the warranty by about five years. This coverage is usually a mixture of both contractor and manufacturer warranties.

As homeowners read over the fine print in the contracting agreement, they should also look over any offered warranties. There are always limitations to coverage, so be aware of these instances. From gale-force winds to severe hail, some weather items could be marked as non-warranty coverage areas. Use the warranty to get the most out of the roof's lifespan.

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