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Homeowners are usually familiar with basic shingle rooftops, but flat roof structures require a different material. Adding shingles to a flat surface only increases the possibility of moisture entering the structure. Water literally flows between shingle creases because there's no slope to move the moisture downward. Torchdown membranes are literally roofing material rolls spread across a flat roof to protect the structure perfectly. When an Auburn roofing professional must inspect a torchdown installation, however, they use specialized troubleshooting techniques to protect and preserve the membrane.

One of the first inspections for torchdown membranes is for curling. These materials are literally heated with blow torches to adhere closely to the rooftop surface. Over time, membrane edges could pull away from the roof. Roofers must evaluate if the membrane can be repaired at the curling sites or if more extensive replacements are necessary.

Holes may develop over time, creating perfect moisture pathways to roof decks below. Even the best installations can have holes because weathering is a more damaging factor compared to shingled roofs. Because the roof is flat, there's no softening angle for hail or rain to strike.

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The membrane takes on all weather events, so it's crucial to have a professional survey the surface throughout the year. Holes need to be patched or repaired with other techniques to preserve the structure below.

If a homeowner had a low-quality torchdown installation, weathering and damage will be apparent across the rooftop in little time. Contractors must quote a repair or even a replacement estimate, depending on the membrane's condition. Although torchdown membranes are typically constructed of polyester, fiberglass and bitumen, they can still be damaged severely when improperly adhered to the rooftop.

For the best repair strategy in severe damage cases, new roll sections are usually installed. Roofers must remove old membrane sections, roll out new material and heat it accordingly. Colors and textures are matched as perfectly as possible to create a seamless look. With the proper installation, homeowners should see their torchdown rooftop lasting about 10 years. Keeping up with preventive maintenance may help extend this time period too.

Homeowners should keep everyone off the roof when a torchdown membrane covers the area. Although the material is strong, it's not mean to hold extra weight on a consistent basis. Roofers that note extensive walking on the roof may have to void warranties in some cases. Allow professionals to be the only people on the roof for a long-lasting rooftop appearance.

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