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Property owners should check into a few things about each company they receive estimates from when they are going to hire someone to work on their roof. One of the first things to do is to see if the company is a real business because it helps reduce the chances of being scammed. Checking to see if a company is licensed and insured is always the best advice. The next thing to do is to see if the company is bonded. Asking for pictures and testimonials from prior clients is always recommended. Requesting an itemized list of services to be performed is a priority. Finally, property owners looking into hiring an Auburn Roofing specialist should find out how many people will be performing the work.

The first thing every property owner should do is to make sure any estimates they receive come from a legitimate company. Asking for a tax identification number, a business address or phone number is one of the easiest ways to check on a business. This information can usually be found on company websites as well.

Licensing and bonding are similar but different things in the business world. Licensing means that a company covers its employees if any harm comes to them as a result of working on a roof.

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Bonding means that a company has a policy that reimburses a property owner if the building is damaged as a result of the work performed by the contractor and employees. Checking into both ensures that the person getting the work done will not be sued if someone gets hurt and that the property owner can recoup money if damage occurs.

Asking for referrals from previous clients and looking at pictures is one way to see what type of work a company performs. Sometimes, local companies have the address of a recently completed job for new customers to visit so they can see the work in person. Many companies leave signs in the yards of places they have worked so that everyone knows who did the roofing job.

Every professional company offers an estimate to potential clients to show the cost of the repairs or work needed. Anyone who does not give an itemized estimate should be discarded or dropped to the bottom of the list of potential candidates. Thoroughly inspecting warranty information is always good practice at this stage.

The last thing a property owner should do is follow their gut instinct, it is all about intuition. If a company's employees do not act professional, there may be a good reason to skip over their proposal and move on to another company. The important thing is to find someone that is courteous, helpful and respectful to the property owners needs and concerns about the job to perform.

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