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A sweeping steep slope roof has a dramatic flair that adds significant beauty to a basic household. When a roofing project is necessary, however, these steep designs become a challenge for Auburn roofing professionals. Material removal and installation must be organized carefully to keep all roofers safe throughout the project. Homeowners should be aware of certain safety strategies roofers use for steep slope services.

Generally, homeowners will see a larger workforce on a steep slope job. To keep all workers at peak alertness, they'll switch out roofers about every 2 hours. Some crew members remain on the ground to help with material distribution and preparation while another group remains on the roof for removal, inspection or installation. These 2-hour periods on the steep slope are short so workers don't become too fatigued. With fatigue comes roofing mistakes and possible worker injuries.

Weather is always a concern with roofing projects, but even more so with steep slope jobs. Even a light mist creates slippery conditions, so workers must stop all activities until conditions are better. This break time may be dedicated to hydrating the body or even performing specific stretches.

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When the roof isn't slippery, alert and ready roofers will be prepared to complete the job as scheduled.

Balancing on a standard roof is relatively simple for well-trained professionals, but steep slopes require specialized harnesses. These 5-point harnesses connect around the chest, groin and arms to catch a roofer if they slip and fall. Harnesses connect to secure points installed on the roof deck, much like rock climbers during their activities. Although the harnesses take some time to put on and latch correctly to the structure, they offer ultimate safety so workers can concentrate on the job.

For those extremely steep slopes, roofers could install railings with foot rests. Long lumber sections are nailed into the roof deck, creating a foothold if a slip occurs. Railings are usually added to the lumber so roofers can grasp a sturdy area if necessary. Although the foothold and railings appear unusual during roofing work, they'll leave behind no trace of their temporary installation when the job is finished.

Regardless of a contractor's experience, accidents can happen on any steep slope job site. From rescue plans to insurance coverage, professionals and homeowners should discuss all safety concerns before the project begins. With clear pathways around the home and secure safety equipment on the roof, contractors can complete the project with little or no problems.

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