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The power of the sun is a source of energy that is becoming more widely used as a viable means of powering many aspects of daily life. Solar power is used to power more than just calculators. More residential homes are beginning to utilize solar paneling as a means of partially, or in many cases, fully providing all the energy an individual home may need. The costs involved in implementing this type of technology have been cost prohibitive for most in past years. As time goes on and technology improves however, more innovations are made that make harnessing energy from the sun more realistic for the masses.

Thus enters a new age in solar energy collection with the use of solar shingles. Solar shingle technology is designed to act as a solar photovoltaic panel that collects and converts the sun's rays into energy. They include the same attributes as a typical asphalt shingle, providing the same level of protection as other shingles. The cost continues to decline as well, making implementing this type of roofing material a possibility for more people.

Auburn roofing contractors are excited about the possibilities this technology has to offer the consumer. With electric costs being lessened by as much as sixty percent or perhaps even more, the long-term savings will quickly pay for the costs associated with the installation of the system.

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Adding in the governmental incentives associated with installing solar shingles, and the project is much more affordable than most people realize.

The truth about solar energy is that it is the most abundant source of energy on the planet. It is estimated that enough sunlight reaches the surface of the planet in just an hour to supply all of our planetary energy needs for the entire year! This is truly amazing science and now, the solar movement is gaining speed at an alarming rate each year. Roofing materials designed to harness and convert sunlight into usable energy is now a truly remarkable concept and is becoming more mainstream every day.

Contacting a qualified roofing contractor and discussing this technology and possibilities for implementation on any type of structure is a great first step in becoming more environmentally responsible and saving a substantial amount of money in energy costs. With the utilization of a clean power grid through roofing material that is already exposed to the sun, the future is becoming brighter for both the current and future generations of global citizens.

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