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A roof that has spent many years subjected to the elements will eventually need to be repaired. Knowing when a roof needs to be repaired depends on how much wear and tear it has experienced and whether it is showing any signs of damage. Understanding what a damaged roof looks like may enable a homeowner to bring in an Auburn roofing expert to repair or replace it before that damage has a chance to cause further problems inside the house.

One of the surest signs of roof damage is water stains on the walls or on top of an interior room. This means that water has leaked either through the roof or water has seeped into the interior of the house because it couldn't flow off of the roof. The latter scenario tends to occur when ice dams form. Water may also be forced to seep through the house if there are leaves or other debris clogging the gutters.

Homeowners may also want to look at the roof as the cause of higher than normal heating or cooling bills. This is because spray foam or fiberglass attic insulation is designed to regulate the temperature both in the attic and in the home. If water damage or other damage has occurred in the roof, it could cause insulation to become moist and ineffective at regulating temperature.

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While some fluctuations are to be expected, it may be time to call a professional if the bill is significantly higher than normal for a given month or period of several months.

Looking at the shingles on a roof may make it easier to determine if the structure itself is damaged. If shingles are curled, broken or aren't there at all, it is a sure sign that roof damage has taken place. Depending on how the rest of the shingles look, it may be possible for a professional to replace them or replace only a section of the roof, which may reduce potential costs to that homeowner.

If a roof is showing signs of damage, it may be worthwhile to call in a professional as soon as possible to take a look. Ideally, homeowners should have their roofs inspected at least once a year to spot damage before it becomes a major issue. When potential issues are spotted when there are minor ones, it makes it much easier to fix and helps the homeowner save money on necessary home maintenance.

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