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Factory certified roofing installers are able to offer some great warranties on their products. Regardless of how long a warranty is offered, regular maintenance is still necessary. To get the full life out of a roof takes more than a warranty no matter how good it is. Homeowners should schedule regular inspections with a qualified contractor even when there are no apparent issues. Having an expert keep an eye on things helps insure no small problems turn into big ones. If a leak or storm damage occurs, calling a certified Auburn roofing contractor is the obvious choice. Here are some of the things a roofing expert will notice that can save a lot of money if found early.

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material and can last over a quarter century if cared for properly. With this type of roof, the first thing inspectors look for is curled or loose shingles. Curled shingles are a sign of excessive sun damage and can easily lead to leaks and water damage to the decking. Another thing they watch for are discolored patches where debris or water sat and allowed algae to grow. A final tell-tale sign of wear is the amount of sandy material that washes into the gutters. A roofing professional can tell from the amount whether a roof is wearing out prematurely.

Metal roofs last longer than asphalt but still require a little care to get the most out of them. With metal roofing, the main enemy is rust.

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Depending on whether or not the roof uses standing seam installation, there may be a need to look for loose fasteners along the joints. Loose fasteners allow moisture to run in underneath and sit between the panels. Orange streaks near the joints tell them there is a break somewhere in the moisture barrier. Denting and scratches are another thing to be on the lookout for. Metal roofing plates are usually painted to waterproof them. Dents and scratches weaken this protection and will lead to corrosion over time.

Tile roofs can outlast most homeowners. Rusting and sun damage are not really an issue with this type of roof. They do still require a good checkup every so often. The tiles can come loose and slide off when weight is applied. The basic issues are loose, cracked or broken tiles. These problems may not be visible to the untrained eye but still cause problems just the same. Removing and replacing these tiles safely and without damaging the rest of the roof takes a skilled hand and special equipment.

It is important to remember that walking or even crawling around on a roof is dangerous and not something homeowners should attempt. Aside from safety concerns walking on a roof can cause damage when done by an untrained individual. Homeowners who attempt DIY roof maintenance often end up causing more damage and costing themselves more in the long run.

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