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A roof is a major investment that must have careful research behind the chosen materials and qualified contractor. Auburn roofing professionals should always answer all installation questions before the work begins including any warranty concerns. Warranty coverage is a legal component of roof construction work, so it can be confusing for some homeowners. It's important to understand all warranty sections to protect the homeowner from any loss in the immediate future.

Any roofing warranty should discuss defects as a main component. Although manufacturers have strict quality control parameters, it's possible to have issues come up with specific material batches. Broken or cracked shingles, for instance, are problematic if found after a complete installation. The manufacturer should at least cover the material cost and possibly the labor. However, labor coverage is almost always covered by the contractors themselves.

Workmanship errors are usually a mixture of manufacturer and contractor coverages within the warranty contract. Any installation errors, such as missing or improperly attached nails, are the fault of the contractor. Many roofers actually abide by manufacturer-driven training programs. Workmanship errors are reduced significantly with proper training on a given product.

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If an issue does arise, the contractor and manufacturer may work together to cover the entire repair or replacement cost.

Voids to the warranty are very detailed so homeowners understand their responsibilities with roofing materials. A warranty is usually void if homeowners try to fix or alter the materials themselves. Walking on the roof voids warranties in almost all cases. Manufacturers and contractors only want their professionals evaluating, repairing and replacing materials to ensure their longevity. Homeowners should reserve any repair concerns for professionals to avoid any warranty cancellations.

The warranty must also list its claim process. Although many contractors take care of warranty claims, these processes could fall to the homeowner in rare instances. Claims usually require an original purchase and installation invoice along with an estimate page. Claims must be supplied with a paperwork trail to help the manufacturer understand how the warranty issue arose. A bad shingle batch could be traced with all this paperwork, including inventory numbers and installation dates.

Ask the contractor for any warranty documents during and after the installation, including a certificate of compliance. These official documents provide a paper trail for homeowners to certify their home's installation with both the manufacturer and contractor companies. Any roofing issues in the future can be smoothed out with the use of legal documents proving negotiated warranty coverage.

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