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A roofing system has many components that work together to protect the structure from the elements. Without a comprehensive system, there is the possibility that the roof won't do the job that it is intended for. When installing a new roof, or repairing an existing one, it is important to examine all the parts and how they work together. An Auburn roofing expert can help property owners make the best selection for a roofing system based on the weather and the type of structure.

The first part of the roofing system is the decking. This is the structure that the roofing material is applied to and is usually made of OSB or ply wood. A problem with the decking can cause serious issues with the roof, even when the roofing material is of good quality.

Along the ridge of the roof, a horizontal vent is installed to allow warm attic air to escape. There may be vents under the eaves as well. This allows cool, dry air to be drawn in to the attic.

After the decking is installed, it is covered by an underlayment.

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This can be asphalt felt or a synthetic material that is designed to cushion the shingles and to create a water resistant barrier to protect the decking from moisture. Asphalt felt has been the most commonly used underlayment for many years, but more recently, synthetic materials are gaining in popularity. They provide superior coverage but also cost more.

In locations where there is the potential for snow and ice accumulation, a more durable and water repellent self adhesive product may be used along the eaves and in the valleys of the roof to add greater protection. The eaves, or edges of the roof, are more vulnerable to wind-driven rain, snow and ice. Also along the edge, there is a continuous strip of non corrosive metal that facilitates water run-off, called the drip edge.

The actual roofing product is installed directly over the underlayment. There are a number of different roofing products available today that both look attractive and save energy. These include standing seam metal roofs, metal shingles, solar shingles, tiles and asphalt shingles. Different parts of the country prefer different roofing material, but consumers now have numerous options available to them that may prove to be a better investment over traditional roofing products.

Understanding the different components of the entire roofing system can help property owners make sound choices regarding their system so that their investment pays off for many years to come.

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