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While many homeowners are concerned about new appliances and a fresh paint job when selling their property, they should also note the roof as a prime consideration. Homeowners can work directly with an Auburn roofing professional to keep the roof perfectly serviced through the years. A well-maintained roof is a major selling point for buyers, but homeowners should keep up with maintenance and documentation to take full advantage of its worth.

One maintenance routine that pays off during real estate sales is annual roofing service calls. Roofs should be inspected at least once a year, but these evaluations should be more frequent if stormy days are prevalent. Allow a professional to examine shingles and fasteners, ensuring the entire roof surface area is completely covered with protective materials. By catching these small repairs early, homeowners won't deal with persistent leaks from decaying rooftops.

Every evaluation and repair is met with contractor paperwork. Create a special file dedicated to roof maintenance. If there is ever a question about previous work, homeowners have the information right at their fingertips. When a real estate sale is pending, this paperwork could mean the difference between a high bid and lost buyer.

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Knowing the roof is in prime condition can sway some buyers to choose one property over another.

Roofers frequenting a property also take before and after photos of their work. Ask for copies of these photos to keep as visual evidence of a strong roof. Buyers who are curious about possible roof issues can instantly have a view of the rooftop with these photos. Images also tell the potential buyer that the home is generally well taken care of through the effort of contacting professionals and working with them closely.

Because a local contractor is friendly and familiar with a property, a buyer could see this as a major perk. If the buyer moves in, for example, any roof issues are immediately forwarded to the same contractor. There's no need to research and try out a new roofer. This ease with future service calls is a selling point that buyers appreciate. Dealing with structural issues may be overwhelming for new homebuyers, so a trusted contractor nearby takes some stress out of real estate transactions and care.

By having small issues repaired over the years, including an unusual deck camber, it will help ward off major repairs that happen from neglected maintenance. Only renovations for brand new roofing materials may be necessary as the home ages. Roofing knowledge and proactive maintenance pays off when real estate bids start flowing in.

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