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The new roof is on, the contractor is paid and the construction mess is gone. Most homeowners would be tempted to forget all about their new roof at this point. Wise homeowners, though, know that this is the time to read through the warranty paperwork they received from their trusted Auburn roofing contractor.

Homeowners may actually have two warranties: one issued by the roof manufacturer that covers defects in roofing materials and another warranty provided by the roofer addressing installation issues. In cases where the roofer has earned special credentialing from the roof manufacturer, the factory warranty may cover both materials and installation.

First on the homeowner's to-do list should be registering the product warranty with the manufacturer. Most major roof manufacturers offer online warranty registration so homeowners can easily supply important information such as the contractor's name, the roof type and the date of installation.

Warranties are contingent on homeowners fulfilling certain requirements, and the next step involves reading through the warranty and taking note of homeowner responsibilities. One of the most common requirements is regular roof maintenance.

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To ensure that maintenance is performed correctly, it's often best to fulfill this mandate by scheduling a routine roof check-up with a reliable roofer.

Often, there are also a number of other requirements, including notifying the factory of a roof leak within 30 days its discovery. Failing to do so may invalidate coverage for any product defects that may have caused the leak.

Once homeowners understand their responsibilities, they should read back through the warranty for details on coverage limits. Some consumers enjoy no dollar limit, or NDL, policies that offer full coverage throughout the life of the warranty. More commonly though, manufacturer warranties only offer full coverage for the first few years and pro-rate coverage in subsequent years.

Warranty lengths vary widely depending on the type of roof installed. Tile and architectural shingle roofs often come with lifetime and limited-lifetime warranties. More traditional three-tab shingle roofs, on the other hand, usually offer only limited warranties that last from 10 to 30 years.

Finally, homeowners should look through the warranty for important exclusions. Damage from natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes are often excluded from coverage. Likewise, protection from destruction caused by wind speeds exceeding the roof's wind rating is frequently limited.

Once homeowners have thoroughly reviewed warranties for exclusions, limits and requirements, they can promptly file the policies away for safekeeping and get on with their lives.

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