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Keeping a home's roof in tip-top shape prevents small leaks from becoming catastrophic roof failures. The best way to protect a roof is to schedule maintenance and inspection visits twice a year with a trusted Auburn roofing contractor, but the the task of maintaining a roof doesn't end there. In between those inspections, homeowners should be on the lookout for signs that the roof is headed for trouble.

Warning signs of a leak often appear first in the rafters of the home, especially after a particularly windy or prolonged rain storm. Leaks may present as brown stains or wet spots on ceilings or may lead to a sagging roof deck. If a homeowner notices any of these conditions, it's time to call an experienced roofer.

Some of the best roof warning signs are often found around a homeowner's yard. Piles of sand-like granules around downspouts are signals that the home's asphalt shingles are shedding their protective layer. Some granule shedding is natural, but a heavy deposit of granules means that it's time to call a reliable roofer. Bits and pieces of shingles lying about the yard and near downspouts are more obvious omens that shingles are brittle, loose or crumbling.

Sagging or askew gutters and detached downspouts don't mean that the roof is in trouble yet.

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It's important, though, for a professional roofer to fix the gutters and downspouts before water has a chance to linger on the roof.

Homeowners can also learn a great deal just by paying attention to their roofs as they approach their homes. A wave or ripple to the roof surface is evidence that shingles are buckling, making them vulnerable to wind and rain. Cracked or curled shingles point to a sun- and heat-damaged roof that needs repair or replacement before water and rain have a chance to infiltrate to the roof's underlayers.

Perhaps one of the most important local roof warning signs is the presence of moss, particularly on roof sections that are in perpetually shady areas. Moss needs professional attention right away because it burrows into shingles and expands. This expansion causes shingles to separate from each other, leaving the roof vulnerable to rain, sun damage and wind.

In the long run, watching out for roof warning signs doesn't take a lot of effort or trouble. If homeowners schedule routine roof inspections twice a year, the homeowner simply needs to stay aware in between the inspections.

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