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Roof maintenance is a chore that often goes unnoticed because a roof is not given much consideration in comparison to a home's interior or yard. However, just like any other part of a house, Auburn roofing needs cleaning and maintenance to extend its life. Roofing should be maintained to avoid any sort of damage to the house's framing itself. Here are a few tips to help with cleaning the roof of a home.

First, there are a few safety precautions to take when cleaning a roof. A homeowner should always wear footwear that has a good grip to make sure he or she does not slip while cleaning the roof. For many roofs, especially those made of asphalt, it is important to take care not to use too much water pressure as this can cause degradation or damage. If there is any doubt, one should hire a specialist to clean the roof.

Asphalt or fiberglass roofs get dirty over time from wind and rain. Dust and other particles tend to get stuck on and in between the shingles when wet, and debris flows down when it rains, causing characteristic streaks on the roof. Prolonged periods of rain or wetness can also cause algae to form between and over shingles. Algae tend to form in streaks just like the dust and debris as it grows over the areas where water flows.

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The best solution to clean a roof should be bleach based. A simple mixture of water, detergent and bleach is the most effective for cleaning a roof. A homeowner should never mix ammonia based cleaners with bleach as it will result in chlorine gas, which is potentially deadly. The mixture should be combined in a simple garden sprayer. After mixing the product, it should be sprayed over the shingles, working from bottom to top. A small section should be sprayed at a time and left for a few minutes to help the mixture set in. After the mixture has been left for a few minutes, the homeowner should gently scrub over the shingles to remove the filth. This process should be repeated over the entirety of the roof.

Once cleaned, a hose can be used to rinse off the product. Plants directly below the roof should be covered to keep the bleach from killing them as well. It is important to clean a roof at least once a year as it helps prolong its life. Any degradation that a homeowner notices while cleaning the roof should be reported to a roof maintenance specialist as soon as possible.

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