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The majority of residential homes are fitted with asphalt shingles. The main reason for this is that asphalt shingles are easy to install and are inexpensive. Asphalt shingles do not have any reflective properties and are traditionally dark in color, which causes them to absorb heat. Thankfully, there are options available to homeowners who wish to add a reflective coating to their asphalt shingles. It's recommended that people hire Auburn roofing specialists to add these reflective properties and to ensure it's done correctly.

One of the cheapest reflective coatings that homeowners can have professionally installed is a white polymeric coating. These coatings are made out of acrylics or materials that are similar in nature. Once the acrylic base is made, white, opaque and other reflective pigments are added. Despite the simple nature of this reflective coating, it's one of the most effective and easiest ways for homeowners to have a reflective coating added to their shingles. Residents can get this coating tinted if they desire. Unfortunately, adding tints to the mixture is purely done for aesthetic reasons and lessens the reflective properties of the coating.

Another option available to homeowners is an aluminum reflective coating, which is a spreadable mixture in which aluminum flakes have been added. After the coating is spread on the asphalt roof, the aluminum flakes naturally rise to the surface of the mixture, creating a reflective surface that is smooth in appearance.

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Metallic coatings such as aluminum are rated at 55 percent reflectance. While this is a great option for reflecting solar heat from the sun, aluminum-coated roofs still tend to have a higher average temperature than roofs that are coated with a white polymeric coating.

Testing done at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory show that white polymeric coatings have a solar reflectance of 60 percent. On average, this cuts the ambient air temperature of the roof by 36 degrees Fahrenheit. For homeowners to get the full benefit of a polymeric coating, it has to be applied smoothly and carefully. This is especially true for rough asphalt roofs. Having this coating applied by a professional is the only way that a homeowner can be sure that the coating was done correctly.

Despite the government does not offering energy-saving rebates on reflective coatings for roofs, homeowners will still notice a reduction in their energy bills after having a reflective coating applied. Most reflective roof coatings are marked with an Energy Star Rating, which can be used to determine how much the average homeowner saves when applying that reflective coating to a roof.

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