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Asphalt shingle remains the most popular roofing material in the United States, but until recently, asphalt shingle roofs that are past their prime have ended up in landfills. According to the EPA, more than 11 million tons of asphalt shingle end up in landfills each year, generating about eight percent of the total waste product in the U. S. The shingles also cause problems as the petroleum that they are made with breaks down and seeps into the fill.

Today, however, asphalt shingle is finally being recycled and used in a number of products. Working with an experienced Auburn roofing contractor can help property owners decide on the best way to get their old shingles recycled. There are a number of recycling centers across America that are ready and willing to work with property owners in turning old shingles into viable products.

The biggest and most effective market for recycled shingles is in asphalt paving. Asphalt shingles are made up of asphalt binder, mineral aggregates and other materials that make them ideal for use in paving, particularly in hot mix asphalt applications. They can also be used as an aggregate base for new roads, for dust control on country roads and even for making new shingles.

Though in the recent past there has been a limited market for recyclable shingles, that market is now growing due to the rising cost of petroleum and the fact that consumers are becoming far more environmentally conscious.

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Another concern that some property owners experience is the possible presence of asbestos in the underlayment of older roofing systems. If a property owner is concerned about asbestos, it would be preferable to notify the roofing contractors so that these concerns can be dealt with. Qualified roofers will have an expert on hand to make sure that the asbestos can be removed safely, before the shingles are recycled. Overall, asbestos is becoming less of a problem as awareness of the dangers of the product has been highly advertised.

Recycling has the advantage of being much cheaper than landfilling, and it is not necessary to remove the roofing nails, making it simple to do. Large magnets separate the nails during the shingle shredding process, and those can be recycled as well. Using recycled shingles makes paving roads more economical since it is far less expensive than virgin asphalt, and it often provides a superior roadbed as well.

Despite all the benefits of recycling shingles, it is still a developing process. Homeowners who are concerned about the effects of waste and environmental damage that is caused by landfilling asphalt shingles can rest easier knowing that they have contributed to helping the environment by recycling their shingles.

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