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Residents living in rainy regions usually enjoy the lulling sound against the roof, but this pitter-patter also indicates the home is under frequent weathering conditions. As any Auburn roofing professional will advise, roof inspections are even more important for homes with constant rainy conditions. Leaks easily seep into roofs when the smallest anomaly arises. Homeowners should go over some of the items contractors are inspecting to understand the roof and property better than before.

Rain is often accompanied by high winds, so shingle cracks and breaks are possible. Contractors must go up to the roof to inspect each shingle carefully. They'll note any curling, cracks or missing shingle sections. These areas must be repaired immediately. A small opening to the roof deck below allows water to seep into structural wood and drywall. Professionals also look for algae discoloration. This fungus grows on some shingles, weakening them over time. Although shingles can be treated with an anti-fungal solution, it's almost always better to replace the materials to completely eradicate the issue.

If a home has skylights, these areas are usually next on the inspection list. Contractors look for glass cracks or holes, but they also evaluate the frame's seals. Although damaged glass is sure to allow seepage into the home, small and persistent leaks often start at broken frame seals.

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Professionals may caulk the area or tighten flashing at the frame to reduce any interior damage.

Flashing or metal transition sections typically line a roof at edges, valleys and peaks. These areas must be inspected for loose materials. Metal flashing doesn't usually break, but it can warp under extreme hot and cold conditions. Contractors may reseat the flashing and tighten it down. Some caulk may also be used to truly seal the edges with the remaining shingle layers. The entire roof must be impervious to water for those consistently rainy days.

Even a small leak can create big problems indoors. Contractors will follow a leak into an attic and beyond. They want to verify where the staining begins and ends, preventing any mold or mildew from growing. They'll clean the stained areas to remove any residual moisture from becoming a breeding ground for fungus and allergens.

For particularly severe weather years, consider a roof inspection each season when a sunny day is expected. Even the calmer days of spring and summer could reveal roof problems requiring attention. It's better to fix the small issues quickly before a big storm arrives to create more problems in the future.

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