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Auburn Roofing: Article About Preventing Moss, Lichens and Algae Growth

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Any time a roof begins to show signs of moss growth on any part of the surface, this may be a sign of future problems ahead. Areas that are shady or exposed to damp, cold weather conditions are usually the first sections to show this type of growth. Parts of the roof in the shade are often the deciding factor in the quantity of moss or even the development of lichens. Whenever moist or cold climate conditions are present, the moss and lichens can grow rapidly. Moss and lichens are usually more than a cosmetic problem and will often require that the homeowner seek out professional help.

If a homeowner notices moss, this indicates dampness is holding against the rooftop area and is enabling it to accelerate the process of damage from wear and tear. The problems transpire by frost damage to the mineral granule layer of the shingles.

At times, the moss problem can be so substantial that the homeowner may be unclear as to what the actual material is of the roofing system. This is usually when a homeowner will want to call an Auburn Roofing company to inspect the issues. When dark colored or black moss and algae spots appear on a rooftop, this can be a warning sign that the roof does not get enough sunlight.

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With that in mind, the homeowner may need to check periodically for the appearance or growth signs of moss or other roof problems.

Homeowners are encouraged to get their roofing system inspected one or more times each year so that they can confirm that there is no indication of leakages or other roof damage. If moss, fungus or algae are caught early on, it can be a much more manageable and somewhat less expensive repair. However, no matter how straightforward a repair may appear to be, homeowners are advised to have a skilled professional come and do the assessment, as they have the training and experience to examine the roof accurately.

Various roofing shingles are components that sometimes contain fungicides and algaecides, and these types of shingles should help to suppress the moss development on the rooftop surfaces. Nevertheless, it is still suggested that every homeowner keep a check and have regular maintenance to ensure the roof surface and structural integrity are unchanged and intact.

Occasionally confused with mildew or mold, dark staining and streaks are noticeable on many rooftops across the North America. These stains are almost always algae. The algae may form in places where moisture and cool temperatures linger in roofing areas. Coastal, muggy environments produce the best growth environment for algae. The algae staining usually starts as little spots and then swiftly changes into streaks on the top of a homeowner's roof. Once the algae is noticeable, it has possibly been growing for many months, and an inspection will help to assess any potential problems.

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