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When choosing a metal roof, consumers may not realize that they have an important decision to make regarding the materials used. Like other types of roofing materials, metal roofing offers choices depending on style, budget and space requirements. There's no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to metal roofing. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each metal type will help narrow down the choices so that homeowners or business owners can select the appropriate metal and style for their needs. An Auburn roofing professional can offer individual guidance on the right metal choice, but the following guide should help those looking for metal roof options understand their options.

Homeowners and businesses alike choose steel as the number one metal roofing material for a variety of reasons. Once it's galvanized with zinc, steel offers significant durability and versatility over aluminum. It doesn't rust, it's strong enough to withstand damage from storm and prevent fires, and it requires minimal upkeep for homeowners. Steel also costs less than other metal types and can be completely customized with painted coatings. The downside is that while steel costs less than copper, it's still an expensive roofing investment for average homeowners.

Aluminum is the most popular metal choice among commercial buildings because it weighs much less than other metal types. It does have to be coated with a colorfast paint that prevents rusting.

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The coating makes aluminum a good choice not only for its customization but because it requires almost no upkeep. Most homeowners don't choose aluminum because it dents easily as a lightweight metal. Environmentally, there's also a concern that using aluminum in roofing wastes a valuable natural resource.

High-end homes, businesses and buildings like churches sometimes opt for copper as their metal of choice because copper requires almost no maintenance and can last for centuries in some climates. Some of the oldest buildings in the world feature copper roofs with their original materials intact. Copper is malleable but lacks a coating, so it won't chip or rust. Despite copper's benefits, there are two significant drawbacks to using it as a building material: It's prone to denting, and it's incredibly expensive.

Other metal roofing types include zinc, tin, stainless steel and alloy products made from combinations of zinc and tin or other metals. These metals are less commonly used because of their expense. When choosing a metal roof, consumers should also consider whether they want shingles or standing seam metal, which is more common. Metal roofs can be designed to match any aesthetic, and the specific metal used should fit the home or businesses it protects.

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