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Auburn Roofing: Article About Metal Roofs Versus Shingled Roofs

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There are a few key differences between a metal roof and a shingled roof. First, metal roofs last two to three times longer than a roof with asphalt shingles. Shingled asphalt roofs require a lot more maintenance than metal roofs made from galvanized steel or aluminum. A metal roof is more durable than a shingled roof. Another benefit is that properties with metal roofs can qualify for insurance discounts like reduced homeowners insurance policies.

Auburn Roofing experts can help property owners decide the type and style of roof that is best for their budget and their property. The biggest difference between metal and asphalt roofs is the price. An asphalt roof is cheaper to install, but only because it will need to be replaced long before a metal roof. A metal roof can last for as long as 60 years.

Asphalt roofs require continuous upkeep and maintenance to ensure that they last as long as possible, whereas a metal roof requires no regular maintenance. Metal roofs give homeowners peace of mind for decades. Another bonus is that metal is recyclable, so when a roof needs replacing, the metal can be recycled, thus helping the environment.

Asphalt can chip, tear and wear down, allowing water to penetrate the wood sheeting underneath, while metal resists tearing and cracking.

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Metal like galvanized steel is very durable and can stand up to heavy rain and hail. Shingles can raise up and tear off from a roof during high winds, but metal panels stay securely in place. Metal roofs give property owners peace of mind that they will not have leaks and roof collapses.

Another benefit of having a metal roof installed instead of an asphalt roof is that metal is much lighter than shingles. The lighter weight means there is less chance of roof damage like sagging and caving under heavy snow and ice. Lighter materials on the roof help protect the structure of a building because there is a lighter load on the support beams and trusses.

Both asphalt roofs and metal roofs add value to a home when they are installed, but a metal roof adds more lasting value. Since metal roofs last longer, property owners can expect a significant return on their investment if they choose to sell the building later. Property owners who choose metal over asphalt can expect to receive higher tax discounts and lower insurance rates because of the durability of metal roofs made from steel or aluminum.

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