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Shingles and tiles are traditional materials to cover a home's rooftop, but modern manufacturing facilities have an even stronger material in metal. Homeowners may be familiar with corrugated metal roofs seen on sheds or commercial buildings. This material has been transformed into an aesthetically pleasing roofing material in various colors and textures. An Auburn roofing professional can discuss a homeowner's concerns about metal to clear up those industry-wide myths.

The first comment contractors hear about metal roofs relates to noise. Distracting pings on the metal surface used to be concerns on sheds and commercial buildings, but contractors install the material on residences to reduce sound. Underlayments soften the metal sound as does the material's construction. Roofing metal is relatively thick with varying surface textures. All these factors contribute to a quiet rooftop.

Metal roofs are more expensive than shingle installations because of the material quality and contractor time factors. When homeowners decide on a metal roof, this material could last for 50 years or more. This time frame is significantly longer than a shingle installation at 20 or 30 years. The investment into metal is actually cheaper when the cost is spread across the 50-year time frame. Costs are also high because of labor requiring more workers to install the metal on a given job.

Have a question regarding lifetime shingle warranties or commercial roofing? Please ask the roofers from Chase NW of Auburn WA.

However, even the labor cost is lower when homeowners compare it to the roof's life expectancy.

Homeowners could be concerned with roof aesthetics and metal's industrial appearance. Today's metals come in many colors, including brown, red and black. The roofing surface could look just like shingles or with an attractive scalloped appearance. Homeowners should look through metal roof images to see all the styles available. Manufacturers improve on metal aesthetics with each production innovation through the years.

Metal roofs are long-lasting but are not maintenance free. Homeowners must have preventive maintenance appointments each year, just like after a shingle installation. Contractors look for any loose fasteners, including sealing washers, to avoid any metal sections from dislodging from the roof deck. These maintenance calls also keep the roof warranty intact in case of any future issues.

Ask for a sample of the metal roof material during negotiations. At first glance, it may not even appear like metal because of its shape and color application. Take a look around at other homes with metal roofs. From the curb, the roof simply looks like a traditional type with longevity as a main feature.

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