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When a new roof is installed, its color and texture stand out against the property's background. Homeowners naturally want to preserve this beauty for both aesthetics and property value. Dedicated residents must work with an Auburn roofing professional to preserve this color with frequent preventive maintenance appointments. Although traditional wood will change from brown to gray over time, for example, prolonging any roofing material's lifespan is possible with a few professional tips.

During roofing installation negotiations, homeowners could ask about preserving the roof with an applied film, such as elastomeric roof coatings. Asphalt shingles and metal roofs can be preserved with this coating process, but it must be applied when the roof is in prime condition. Waiting to use a coating on the roof when it is 15 years old will not preserve the color. Contractors can discuss all coating features and limitations with homeowners before application.

The best way to preserve roofing color is simply keeping it clean. Debris from overhanging trees, for instance, often accumulates in valleys and along roof eaves. Hiring professionals twice a year for basic cleaning removes all these items. As they decay, debris sticks and discolors the roofing over time.

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Prompt debris removal stops the decay process across the roof, allowing all of the surface area to shine brightly.

Homeowners must pay careful attention to gutter systems. Funneling rainwater off the roof is a complex process that must remain fluid to stop pooling and leaks into the roof deck. When gutters have clogs, for instance, the moisture backs up onto the roofing. This moisture provides a perfect location for moss and algae to grow. Homeowners will notice shingles turning a darker black or green color. This discoloring can be treated, but it's best to avoid moss and algae growth with proper gutter cleaning and maintenance. Water flowing off the roof in a consistent manner doesn't contribute to fungal growth.

Shingles can crack and break over time, even with the best maintenance schedule. Replace them as necessary with a professional's expertise to preserve the roof's color. Damaged shingles only decay and discolor when left in place otherwise.

Ask roofers to take photos of the roof after the installation is complete. Homeowners can use these images as baselines for determining future color change. Roofs last for more than 20 years, making color change a very gradual occurrence. When the original photos look starkly different from the current color, homeowners can continue to work with professionals to beautify the roof as much as possible.

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