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Home designs usually include sloped roofs to efficiently route rainwater to the ground without much chance of seeping into the structure itself. However, some designs include flat or low-slope roofs to achieve a desired aesthetic or functional aspect. If homeowners have a low-slope roof, Auburn roofing professionals can discuss all the components necessary to repair or update it with durability as a key component.

Low-slope roofs usually require a membrane installation. These material rolls are referred to as base and cap. The base membrane adheres directly to the roof deck. It comes in several ply designs, such as one-, two- or three-ply. Contractors will almost always suggest two- or three-ply membranes for the thicker texture. Low-slope and flat roofs are subject to impacts throughout the seasons because there's no sufficient angle to soften hail and rain strikes. The cap and optional coating above the base layer add another structural component to keep the roof strong for around 10 to 12 years.

These membranes aren't nailed on like shingles, but are applied through two specialized techniques. A traditional membrane attachment strategy is referred to as torchdown. Specialized base and cap layers are laid down as contractors heat the membrane with blow torches.

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The heat activates the membrane to attach permanently to the deck. Other contractors avoid the heat element and use self-adhering membranes. These material rolls must be pressed into the deck with a roller. The adhering ingredients within the membrane stick to the deck and remain in place permanently.

Overlapping roofing materials are still necessary with membrane installations. Shingles must be overlapped to keep water flowing to a gutter system, for instance. Membranes have extensive overlapping so water cannot enter connection seams. Each installation is slightly different than others, making the overlap varied between several inches or feet. Perfectly flat roofs often need more membrane overlap than a roof with some slope.

Homeowners may be concerned about membrane color and texture matching the surrounding rooftop. Flat or low-slope roofs are usually connected to more traditional sloped roofs for architectural interest. Contractors can easily match the membrane color and texture to surrounding shingles for a connected look across the property.

Although pricing is always a concern during roof negotiations, it's not always the best choice to select the least expensive option. Structural damage from cheap roof coverings will almost always cost more than quality membranes across a plywood or metal deck. Discuss all pricing and material options with the professional to make an informed decision.

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