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Roofing waste used to be a necessary byproduct of updating a home's rooftop, filling local landfills with roofing felt, shingles and nails. Today's Auburn roofing professional knows there are other green options beside discarding this waste. Recycling options are much more abundant now, giving both contractors and homeowners a reason to work together for a healthier earth and beautiful rooftop simultaneously.

During the estimate process, speak to the contractor about their scheduling strategy. Many vehicles are usually needed at one particular job site to haul in items and workers. However, one or two workers to each vehicle increases gasoline use and emission contributions into the air. Contractors who schedule several people to each vehicle reduce their carbon footprint significantly, creating green practices before they even arrive on the job site.

Any given rooftop has hundreds of pounds of shingles that must be removed for a new installation. Homeowners should ask about shingle recycling programs. Some contractors have specialized relationships with local companies to recycle roofing into roadway materials. Discarded shingles are simply brought to the recycling plant instead of a nearby landfill. Homeowners with a responsible contractor know they are reducing landfill waste significantly for a cleaner environment.

Nails pulled out of the roof are not normally reused on the new installation.

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Some nails even end up strewn across the yard or hidden in grassy areas. Responsible contractors use specialized tools to find and secure all nails on a job site. This practice protects residents from any nail injuries and keeps the materials from ending up in the trash. Nails can also be recycled, providing another conversation point between contractor and homeowner.

Reams of paper could easily be used for roofing contracts, but today's professionals turn to digital tools to reduce waste. Tablets, laptops and smartphones can be used to hold contracts and even capture signatures at the job site. Roofers may still print out the contract for the customer, but it's not necessary to use extra pages as backup information. This green practice is slowly becoming more common as contractors' offices convert to more computerized operations. Reduced paperwork waste saves trees and costs over time.

Homeowners may even notice a slight difference in pricing between eco-friendly and standard roofing quotes. Landfill fees are a fact of life for roofers and these costs are typically part of any roofing estimate. Without bulk waste, however, extra fees aren't necessary while lowering the quote significantly for a gorgeous roof installation.

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