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Auburn Roofing: Article About Five Advantages Of Residential Copper Roofing

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When it comes time to select which material to use for a residential property's roof, Auburn roofing contractors can offer the option of having a copper roof installed. This type of metal roofing option gives homeowners five advantages over other materials.

First, copper serves as both an insulator and conductor of heat. During the winter, it traps the heat inside the home. This decreases the time the furnace needs to run in order to compensate for hot air lost through the roof. As a conductor of heat, the metal heats up when the sun shines on it and transfers the heat to the inside of the house. This happens even when the temperatures outside are below freezing.

The second advantage of copper roofing is its ability to keep the home safe from fire and water damage. It is not flammable. This flame-resistant material can protect a house from fires that occur outdoors or lightning strikes. When two layers are installed, the sheets of copper become impenetrable to massive amounts of water. Also, the sheets are held together by waterproof seams. These give the roof added protection from flooding in flood-prone areas.

Another benefit is copper's ability to protect itself. After years of exposure to moisture, copper develops a green coating called patina.

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Not only does this coating give the roof an antique appearance, it also prevents it from corrosion.

Unlike asphalt shingles, copper sheets are lightweight. Even when two layers are applied to the roof, their weight does not add stress to the structure of the home. This advantage makes the material ideal for areas that are prone to large amounts of ice and snowfall because it does not add to the overall pressure on the support beams.

Also, the copper itself is durable enough to not break or crack under the weight of the wintry weather. It is also strong enough not to bend or break apart at the seams. Roofs made from copper tend to last up to two and one-half times longer than asphalt shingles. While shingles may last 15 to 20 years, copper roofing can retain its beauty and strength for up to 50 years.

Although the initial cost of copper roofing is higher than asphalt shingles, its long-lasting durability and energy efficiency makes it a viable option for the homeowner. Further questions about the benefits and process of having copper installed can be discussed with a roofing company's representative.

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