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When homeowners think about new roofing possibilities, they often overlook copper as a durable and long-lasting roofing option. Copper is a beautiful metal that offers a touch more elegance than a basic metal roof and is complementary to a variety of building styles. Over time, a copper roof develops a blueish gray patina that is beautiful in combination with a variety of siding finishes. An experienced Auburn roofing contractor can talk with interested homeowners about the benefits of roofing their home with copper.

One of the best features of a copper roof, aside from its inherent beauty, is its longevity. Like any other metal roof, a copper roof can last 50 years or more. Many typically come with a 50 year warranty as well. Additionally, copper roofs possess the same durability as any other metal roofing system. They are almost impervious to all types of weather, insect infestation and mildew. They have a Class A fire rating as well.

Copper is very lightweight, which is an important feature for roofs that see a lot of snow and ice accumulation. A lightweight roofing material also puts less stress on the property's structural supports.

Like other types of metal roofing products, copper is energy efficient because it reflects sunlight away from the home and back into the environment. While this property can save significantly on cooling bills in the summer time, it does not adversely affect heating costs in the winter.

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Homeowners should be aware that a copper roof can sound noisy when it rains. Although many people love the sound of rain on the roof, it may not be the best choice for those who prefer a quieter setting. This effect may be somewhat mitigated by the type of underlayment used during the installation process, but checking with a local contractor can inform homeowners on their best options.

Copper roofing is more expensive than some of the more traditional roofing materials, but it also lasts much longer. It may prove a more valuable investment over time. Installing a copper roof will usually qualify homeowners for federal and state tax credits that can reduce the amount of tax that they owe by up to $500. Copper roofs require maintenance, as does any roofing system, but are so durable that generally only annual routine inspections are needed.

Copper is available in both standing seam panels and in shingles or shakes. The type and style used on a home is purely a matter of personal preference as a rule, though some types of roofing surfaces may better lend themselves to one style or the other. Copper is an enduring and beautiful metal that can enhance both the property's overall value and the home's curb appeal.

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