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Landfill volumes are constantly on the rise from normal household waste being discarded, but roofing materials add even more debris to the pile. When homeowners are looking for an installation quote, an Auburn roofing professional's recycling habits should be part of the consideration. From strong cleanup techniques to material recycling, evaluate some of the eco-friendly habits contractors can employ to make an installation easier on the Earth.

There are hundreds of pounds of shingles removed from any household roof during an average installation. The majority of contractors simply discard the materials, creating a huge amount of trash for the local landfills. Other contractors actively seek out recycling options. Asphalt shingles can easily be turned into useful roadway materials, for instance. There's no need for the shingles to end up in a landfill. Metal and ceramic tile are two types of roofing that can be recycled.

Contractors also contribute to a greener installation with accurate material estimates. Reputable contractors measure and estimate material quantities for each job. They may bring slightly more materials just in case of any issues. However, experienced contractors don't usually create too much waste from improper installation techniques because of extensive training.

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Only a few materials could be discarded during the entire project.

Every roofer has a different concept of preventive maintenance inspections. Find a professional that has an advertised 40-point inspection process, for instance. Because there is a set protocol to find any issues, simple repairs can be performed before major issues evolve. Large-scale repairs often involve material waste to replace whole roof sections, generating more debris for local landfills. With consistent 40-point inspections, almost no waste is created.

Nails and other fasteners are constantly dropped during a standard installation. Ask contractors if they have a strict cleanup process. If nails find their way into sewers and other public areas, they can rust and cause environmental harm. Responsible contractors use magnetic tools to pick up almost all nails, even from grassy areas. This process should be a daily one so most nails are found.

Environmentally conscious contractors may even have service vehicle protocols to reduce the use of gasoline or emissions into the atmosphere. All these eco-friendly habits are also cost-saving for the contractor, allowing them to pass on some savings to the homeowner. A contractor with a conscious effort to be eco-friendly uses that insight with clients to create strong roofs that last years without more materials necessary for repairs or replacements.

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