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Cedar shakes and shingles are beautiful, natural products that many savvy homeowners are investing in because of the environmental and cost saving benefits. Energy and environmentally conscious consumers prefer cedar because it is a natural resource that can be fully recycled, and it complements the beauty of almost any style home. A qualified Auburn roofing contractor can help interested homeowners decide if cedar is the right investment for their property.

Cedar shingles and shakes are typically crafted from western red cedar, utilizing methods that are environmentally friendly. Though cedar shingle is more costly than asphalt shingle, it is also much more durable and has greater longevity. The warranties offered with cedar shingles and shakes reflect that fact and typically last for up to 25 years, though the roof may last much longer than the warranty.

In addition to its incredible beauty, cedar provides about two times as much insulation as asphalt shingle. A properly installed cedar roof can cut energy bills significantly, so cedar is a better investment over time than many other roofing products. Additionally, cedar can stand up to the most severe weather. Rain, snow, ice and hail make little impact on a cedar roof.

Some home owners are concerned that cedar shake or shingle will become infested with insects or be invaded by mildew, but the natural oils in cedar act as an insect repellent, and it can be treated so that the possibility of mildew growth is eliminated.

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Routine maintenance is required in order to keep a cedar roof in top shape, but most other roofing materials require some kind of annual maintenance as well. Cedar installers often offer yearly maintenance contracts with their installations so that homeowners can keep their investment safe.

Although cedar roofing is more challenging to install than some other roofing materials, a qualified roofer will have the necessary skill to install a gorgeous roof with minimal hassle. Over time, cedar roofing shingles lighten from a brownish red color to a beautiful silvery gray sheen. This kind of wear is perfectly natural and desirable.

Cedar roofing is more of an upfront investment than many other types of roofing, but is far less expensive than some other natural products, including slate. While nothing is quite as impervious to the elements as slate, cedar is a close second, resisting damage from storms and high winds.

Choosing a cedar shake or shingle roof can bring homeowners years of enjoyment along with the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping the environment and saving themselves money.

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